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Circular Regarding Mobile Phones



Dated:- 17/06/2022

 With increasing incident of students using mobile phones, it is being in the interest of the children here at Minto Circle School to revamp the policy of mobile phones.

The mobile phones in question have turned breeding ground for cyber bullying and inappropriate use of social media, it’s use by the children has distracted them from Studies. The use of mobile phones at this young age may result in addictions to gaming sites, betting sites, unhealthy content addiction to social media site, friendship/ attachment issues, physiological disorder in addition to inevitable health issue related with vision, growth etc. Children may fall  to pray  to cyber crimes.

In order to ensure all safety measures and prevent the children from this menace, the Minto Circle School Administration has decided not to allow any student with mobile phones in school premises. There is always apprehension of misplacing the mobile phones, even theft cases has arise within the institution, which has  created embarrassing  position in the  school campus.

Parents community are hereby requested not to allow their wards along with mobile phones to school premises as day by day lot of complaints are sneaking in due to misuse of mobile phones by the students or even fake WhatsApp groups, Instragram have been created by the students, which are reflecting lot of objectionable and un-parliamentarian comments against the staff and students as well .

  Now, on-words there is going to be zero tolerance in school premises for such undesirable activities. Students, if found misusing of mobile phones, hacking of social media accounts of others. Settings unauthorised access to email ID shall be treated as gross indiscipline and action as warranted under law shall be initiated invariably reported to cyber cells.

 All the staff member are hereby requested to educate the children and  accordingly  inform the  parents  for its  effective implementation in  order to  ensure  the  safety  and  security of the  children.