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Minto Circle Hr. Sec. School

Minto Circle English Medium High School (Senior Secondary)

CBSE Affiliated (Affilation No 730079)

Allochi Bagh, Near Khadi Mill, Srinagar, J&K.

English Lab

English Language Laboratory

In the changing scenario of the dynamic world. It has become imperative for all the educational institutions to cater to the need of the students in particular and society in general. Learning English Language- that has attained the status of international language- can provide a solution to combat the intricacies of this dynamic world successfully. Retaining its pioneering spirit, Minto Circle Senior Secondary School has taken a lead in this direction by setting up English Language Lab. It aims at facilitating the learning of second language and hone the fundamental skills of English language i.e. listening and speaking of the students. Equipped with the modern gadgets of latest technology like Teacher and Student Consoles, Headphones, Audio-Visual Aids etc.; language laboratory exposes the students to the second language and provide them various opportunities to speak, comprehend and internalize English Language like its native speakers; The emphasis is laid on learning pronunciation, stress patterns, intonation and accent to endow students with such accomplishment as would augment their oratorical skills and confidence to confront interviews and group discussions for various jobs and higher studies which would consequently lead to amelioration of their prospects for better placements and open up new vistas for them in the country and abroad.