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Minto Circle Hr. Sec. School

Minto Circle English Medium High School (Senior Secondary)

CBSE Affiliated (Affilation No 730079)

Allochi Bagh, Near Khadi Mill, Srinagar, J&K.

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Dear Parents



Dear Parents

 I am pleased to  inform you that,  the results periodic  written tests  are  ready  now. The  result in question has  been  diagnostically  analyzed  and  accordingly certain  remarks  have  been  reflected in report card of your ward,  where your  cooperation is  required  by  way of providing  seamless  efforts  in  improving  the  academics  of your  ward  at  home  as well.   He / She  shall be  in a  position  to  overcome  all  these  difficulties  well before the  time .

 Needless  to mention over here,  the school  being  non- profiteering  agency,  where  around  hundred  employees  both  teaching  and  non  teaching are  working  for  the  holistic development of  your  ward.  It  may  be kept  in  consideration that  all the  staff  members  are  getting  their  salaries  out of the  fee only, while  it is  observed  that  most of the  parents  have  not  cleared  the  fee  dues  timely  as  such  being  pending  since  long. The non- payment of   fee dues hinders the normal functioning of the  institution. So my humble  submission to all  parents  goes down to threshold of your  heart felt  review  and  contemplation.

I seek  appeal  to your  sensitivity  and  positive  concerned  to extend  your  ever ready  support in all  fields  and  awareness  and  hope  that you will  initiate  your  efforts in order to clear  all the  fee  dues  immediately and  at the same time  collect  the  report card  of  PWT1 from the  institution itself.

With kind regards