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Circular No. 4

Office of the principal Minto Circle English Medium Senior Secondary School

Allouchi Bagh, Srinagar



Dear Parent,                                                                                                                        Dated:- 25/03/2019

  I do agree with you that the cost of commodities is touching the heights. Traders along common man are disturbed much.  We know that among the essential needs is the education of your child and we are in pursuance of better education. Education is less of teaching and more of training.  You must   take pride  that  your dears  are  trained  not  for  exams  only   but  for  life too.  This  involves great  funding to create  different  units  for  different  job  orientation and are  to  be  trained  by  professionals. Please do  not  think  otherwise / negatively. The tuition fee is enhanced by 10% and professional  training can  continue by addition  5% at  least.  I  hope, your  care and love  for  your  child  will  make  it  easy  to  pay  gladly.

            Your  best  friend  is  one   who  enriches  the  mind  of  your  dear  child . The  Govt.  servants  are  granted many  incentives and they  enjoy  all the   luxuries  of  life  while  as  the   achievement of  private  sector  is not only successful but  glorious and  they  deserve  twice  more than what our  public servants get.  Unfortunately here, in this place education and health being most essential get lowest attention. There  are  majority  of  schools  in India  whose  monthly charges range between 7000-30000/ month  and  you  will  not  find your Minto Circle  behind them in any case  except the cultural development  which  depends  upon the  Socio-economic  factors of the  society.  Being  sincere, we  do  admit that the  majority of parents always  have  proved  the  real  strength  of the school  whose  positive  contribution  overcomes  the  negative  approach  of  a  few  parents.