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CIRCULAR 1 DATED :25-3-2017

CIRCULAR 1 DATED :25-3-2017

  Dear Parent.

 This is to inform the parents that the school is holding remedial classes for 9th and 10thstandard students (Term I – course content) in the first week of April. The holding of remedial classes for students is an initiative on the part of the administration to compensate the time lost in terms of schooling duration the last year’s unrest. The remedial classes for the boys will start in the zero period at 7:50 am and the class will be of 90 minutes duration. Science, Mathematics and Social Studies will be covered during the remedial classes. The same schedule will be put into practice for girls in the afternoon and they will also avail 90 minutes of special classes starting at 2:30 pm in the afternoon and ending at 4:00 pm. Parents are requested to arrange for the transport of their wards in connection with the above mentioned program.

Parents may kindly note that the bus facility is restricted to elementary classes only. The providing of bus facility to higher classes (9th , 10th, 11th and 12th ) is awaiting approval. It’s in place to mention here that the normal school timing will remain unaffected.

Remedial classes for 1st – 8th standard will be held during the normal school timing. The school is running these special classes in the interest of the students. Parents do not have to pay any extra charges in connection with the above mentioned program. The school expects the parents to encourage this program whole heartedly and help us in discharging our obligation.

With sincere thanks and regards,


Principal.                                                                                       Dated:- 25/03/17