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CIRCULAR 2 DATED :25-3-2017

CIRCULAR 2 DATED :25-3-2017


Dear  Parent

                We are highly thankful to parents who enabled the school to get affiliated to CBSE curriculum .

                Needless to say, your dear children are blessed  with proper  knowledge  through wonderful  but  easy  and  effective  techniques of  teaching  based on  scientific principals of learning. You stood by the school in its quest for quality  education.  The  school  was  able  to  realize  its  cherished  goal  of getting  the  CBSE  affiliation  with  your  encouraging  support.

                You trusted the management by depositing the first installment of Rs 300. The second installment  was  due from the date of  affiliation to CBSE mode i,e  April 1st  2016.As  your  good  gesture proved  of high  value  to us  for at least 2 years, we reciprocate the same by not charging the due  installment  for  another  2 years.   We  would  like  to  extend this  goodwill gesture  even  to those  parents  whose first  installment  was  returned  to them  on their insistence . All parents  will  now  be  paying  the  dues  in April 2018.

                It is  a  matter  of   great  satisfaction  for the  school  and  the  parents  as well   that the  students  were  promoted  to  new  classes  in  the  month  of  July 2016 under the CBSE  curriculum. Because  of  CBSE,  we could  give  not  only  promotion  to your  children  but  created an  opportunity  for dear  children to get  another  promotion  in the  month  of  March this  year depending  upon  their performance  in the examination held in March this year. The school was therefore able to save one full academic year for the  students with the help of two consecutive promotions. The parents also  benefited by saving   approximately Rs 30,000 to 35,000 a year  by  way  of expenses on tuition  fee  and  bus  fare.

The  school  is  committed to provide  best  possible  facilities  to students,  growth  of  staff  and  over  all  development  of the  institute . Against  this  backdrop ,  an  annual  raise  of  15% in fee  charges  was  put  into practice .

 The  break-up of the  above  15% raise  is  given  as  under :-

  1. i)       5%  is spent  on  improving  and  enriching the  facilities  the  school  provides      to  students.
  2. ii)     5% is  spent  to keep  pace  with the  ever growing  market hike .

iii)    5% is  spent  on staff  welfare  and increments.

The  school  is  soon starting  remedial classes  for children  to  make  up  for  the  deficiency  in studies  due  to 2016  unrest. Not  a  single  penny  will be  charged by the school  for  the  remedial  classes .

The  Management  is  hopeful  of  your  continued  cooperation  and  support  in  its  endeavour  to provide the  best  education  to your  children.


With sincere thanks  and  regards.                                                                          Dated:- 24/03/2017